Complete Hen House

It’s about a month now since my hen house was delivered, and it’s now ALMOST ready to house some hens!

I’ve spent a few hours working on it, over several days.

The first day, I had my cousin James to help me. We got the floor together and the sides up in about an hour. Innes was also there to help carry all the materials onto the croft.




Next was getting the roof on. That took about another hour or so, this time with my father’s help. The motto of the day was: no ladder, no problem!


It looked pretty good once the roof and nest boxes were fitted.



Today was the final push, brought on by the storm forecast tomorrow. First up was moving the hen house down to lower ground, using the tractor. I towed & pushed it into position.


We got the doors hung and anchored down the hen house.


The hens will move in, once I get the fencing up!

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