Hen house

Back in May I ordered and paid deposit on a new hen house. This is now ready and I’ve paid the remainder of the bill. It has been dispatched to me and should be here on Friday.

I’m away tomorrow for 10 days (filming sheepdogs and a wee holiday), so Innes is in charge in my absence, and will be responsible for the delivery. Fingers crossed it goes in the right place! It’s coming in sections, so we’ll have fun putting it together on my return.

Next step is a fence for the chickens, I’m loosing too many eggs in the long grass and need to keep better control of things.



  1. Handsome coop! Try these two suggestions to “train'” your hens where to lay their eggs.

    First, place dark curtains over the entrance to the nest boxes. You can cut a few verticals or a corner off so the hen can see in. Mine seem to like the privacy and return daily to the boxes.

    Second, leave them in the coop for 24 hours straight or longer. You may have to block the boxes off at night to prevent them sleeping (and pooping) in them. A day or two of confinement should get most of your hens on track.

    I keep chickens and rabbits here in Sebastopol, California and follow your efforts with great interest.


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