Sunday Morning Walk in pics

I haven’t been for a walk in to the beach in a few weeks, so did so this morning – along with Bud.

There is so much more life around the shore just now, teeming with flowers and birds.

Here is the machair part of my croft, full of daisies.


One of my favourite places in the world is where Abhainn Chrois meets Traigh Chrois. My brothers and I played here a lot when we were younger.


Down to the shore and someone has lost a lamb to the river. This might have died a year ago and only now been washed down. Who knows. Young animal anyway.


Myself and Bud played on the beach for a wee while. Full of beans!




This is Traigh Chrois, from the south, looking north. Love this place.


I walked south along the coast to Traigh Dhall then. I almost stood on this wee fellow, an oystercatcher chick. Parents were buzzing around but he was as still as could be!


Can you spot him here? Bud remained totally oblivious of him.


Once I reached Traigh Dhail, there was a flood of gull chicks awaiting me. I came across these two, spotted another 15 or so and then decided to leave, as I didn’t want to disturb them too much.


This one needs to work on it’s hide & seek technique.


And then on the way home, I passed Boais’ cows – and calves



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