Lambing is OVER

Oh I am a happy chap tonight. Perfect timing, the last one lambed tonight, meaning that I can get a long long long lie tomorrow! No more early starts!

I had a Ness game this afternoon, lost 3-0 in the Highland Amateur Cup, so my day went to pot. One of my teammates is 30 tomorrow and his girlfriend arranged a surprise party in the Social Club, so I was straight down there for 7.30. I fed and checked the sheep then and there were no signs of any movement but this beautiful lamb was waiting for me at 10pm. All done!


Duck Update

I blogged earlier about how one of my ducks had been attacked and appears as if she has lost an eye.

I checked the other 7 shortly afterwards, and one of the others has been scalped as well. I was trying to figure out what could possibly cause it, then it dawned on me.



The Khaki-Campbell is much bigger than the others and I reckon the drake is overly-rough with the females. I actually filmed him chasing them last week, when I thought it was funny. Not any more!

Does anyone have any tips on how to stop this?

Penultimate Lamb


I’m a relieved chap this morning. I was semi expecting a dead lamb or dead sheep this morning, but it is all good.

I had noticed this cheviot acting strangely on Tuesday night. I had a look at her and nothing was showing. She was acting weird all day Wednesday and then spent yesterday stretching her back legs out behind her and not doing much else. I had another look but nothing. I was worried that it was ring womb, something I’ve had to deal with before, losing a set of twins but the sheep was ok.

There was no discharge or any signs, but I was worried that I may have missed that sometime during the day on Wednesday or Thursday. I phoned the vet but after a quick conversation decided to leave it until the morning and see how things were.

I wasn’t expecting much today but I was delighted to be greeted by this wee fellow!


Mother is doing fine and has plenty milk, so nothing to be concerned with. No need for the vet but I’m off to the doctor myself, I’ve been soldiering on with a really sore ear all week and want to nip it in the bud before it flares up.


Hen House

I’m working on slowly increasing the amount of hens that I have, with the idea of producing more eggs. As part of that, I have been looking to get a bigger hen house, to make it easier to manage things.

In March, I applied for a CCAGS grant to pay for 60% of a new hen house (I’m eligible for 60% as I’m under 40), and today I received my contract of offer for the grant! I wasn’t totally confident of getting it, as no-one seemed to know if it had been done before, but, as far as I could make out, there was no reason to turn it down.


This is the Hen House I have applied for, meaning I will pay around 540 of the £1300 costs (including delivery).

The contract has been signed will be in the ‘department’ office tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get the letter allowing me to order the hen house next week, and then it’s 5/6 weeks for delivery.

2 left

I now have TWO sheep left to lamb. Getting close to that magical number.

I was refereeing a Ness Under-18 game last night (Ness won 12-2 v Harris) and got home around 9pm. Waiting for me was the final gimmer having lambed and not 100% sure about the lamb. You get that sometimes, sheep that have their first lamb not quite sure what they’re doing. Kind of battling with their natural mothering instincts. I took them into the barn, just to be safe.




This was the last of the gimmers that I bought off a friend of mine, Donald Macrury, last year. Finally a ewe lamb. If it comes on ok, I’ll keep that one.


Yes, I don’t look happy – but I was really. I obviously couldn’t multitask; holding the lamb and smiling at the same time!

Right next to this sheep are the lambs that are being bottle-fed. The back door of the barn is open, and they can come in and out as they please. Here is Lazarusina feeding from the milk bucket. This is a great invention. Lambs feed when they want and don’t relate food with humans, so are more sheep than human. Hopefully!

Anyway, 2 sheep left to lamb. I’d love it if they popped soon!