My latest batch of chicks hatched around 11/12 April. They were 6 weeks old this week, and are now old enough to be moved outside. I did that yesterday, moving them into the pen myself and Murdo built in April.

I moved the chicks outside yesterday, their first taste of freedom!


These photos were taken before I put the netting across the top, so some hens (and cockerel) hopped in and joined them.


Seeing as only 5 of my own hatched, I was on the lookout for some more to add to my stock. I saw an advert for 17 chicks for sale from Newvalley Hens, so I snapped them up. I had bought hens, chicks and ducks off Martin & Angela before, so no qualms about doing so again.

I went over last night to pick them up.


17 Lohmann Brown hybrids – unsexed. 22 chicks in total and I’m hoping that I have around 12 hens from that. That would be a decent return.

They’re all together now, in the run. Hopefully there’ll will be no problems!


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