A special day

Today marked one year since this blog started. What a year it’s been; full of ups and downs, which all added to the 50,000 views the blog received. I’m not going to mark it with anything special, just recap a typical easy Sunday.

It was a misty start to the day, but it soon cleared up and ended up being a cracker.


Once the mist disappeared, I decided to go for a walk with Bud. I went up to South Dell, from Traigh Dhail, a route I haven’t done in about 5/6 years. I took loads of pictures, which can be seen on the Air An Lot facebook page. Here is Traigh Dhail, looking north from the South Dell side.


Once we got home, we went to check the bottle-fed lambs. They’re growing quickly and looking good. The orf infection they had last week has cleared up completely and here is Lasarusina, sucking on my finger. There is a video of them playing with Bud on facebook (it’s easier to load & share videos there)


We also popped into the barn to check the chicks. Bud LOVES the chicks, he can’t keep his eyes off them!


So that’s it. Roll on the next year.

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  1. Long may you keep blogging. I have thoroughly enjoyed following your ups and downs over the year. Is it really that long? I hope you find many more crofting issues to keep you inspired to carry on. It feels like I’ve been chatting to you on the rathad. And I do love your photos. A very special account of life on a Ness croft. You may have to think about publishing some of your adventures and photos – for children’s reading books, with The Islands Book Trust . . .

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