I drenched all my sheep today. It’s that time of year when the grass starts to grow and that brings with it some problems. This is when the sheep start to pick up internal parasites like worms and this can lead to problems like losing condition/weight – as well as having the spùt i.e. the runs! Prevention is better than cure, so they get drenched regularly.

I have the sheep split up into smaller flocks for grazing management, so I had to pen them all separately.


This was possibly the first time I’ve been able to do all of this on my own, as Bud is now at the level where he can help me. Still needs refining (as do I) but we got the sheep penned in no time. I now have a very sleepy dog tonight.


Some of the lambs are 6/7 weeks old now, so they got a drench as well. Try get big so quickly.


Once finished, the sheep are then delighted to be free again! That should see them through until shearing in 4-6 weeks.

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