Hen House

I’m working on slowly increasing the amount of hens that I have, with the idea of producing more eggs. As part of that, I have been looking to get a bigger hen house, to make it easier to manage things.

In March, I applied for a CCAGS grant to pay for 60% of a new hen house (I’m eligible for 60% as I’m under 40), and today I received my contract of offer for the grant! I wasn’t totally confident of getting it, as no-one seemed to know if it had been done before, but, as far as I could make out, there was no reason to turn it down.


This is the Hen House I have applied for, meaning I will pay around 540 of the £1300 costs (including delivery).

The contract has been signed will be in the ‘department’ office tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get the letter allowing me to order the hen house next week, and then it’s 5/6 weeks for delivery.


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