3 Surprise Losses

As many of you will be aware, this has been a disastrous winter for me. I can’t believe how many sheep I’ve lost and I thought that it was over. I was wrong.

I was playing football on Friday night and came home some time after 10. I went out to my parent’s house and my father told me that someone had found one of my ’empty’ sheep dead in the village park. Empty meaning she had been scanned as having no lamb. I wish he hadn’t told me so late in the evening, I couldn’t sleep after hearing that.

I went out on Saturday morning to collect her, and take the carcass in to the machair to bury. It’s much easier to bury a sheep in the sandy machair land, rather than anywhere else.

She was a Blackface. Not old, not young. No idea what caused it.


Shortly after finishing burying that sheep. I got another phonecall. One that I was dreading. The Big Fellow, my biggest ram, the best one I’ve ever had and a big, friendly beast, was found dead in the village park. This was due to be his final year, as he was getting old, but I was gutted that he went out this was. Such a great beast. I’m not going to post a picture of him now, but this one of him from a couple of years ago. He would walk up to the door of the house and eat food out of my hands. He will be missed.


The other loss was a hen. She was found dead in the shed. Not too disappointed as she was an older one that wasn’t laying any more.

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