Phew! It’s been a busy few days. I’ve reached the stage now where I’m looking forward to lambing ending so I can get some sleep! One sheep to go is as much hassle as ten – or a hundred!

Another lambed tonight, meaning that only four are left to go. It would be great if they all arrived before the weekend, so that I can get some rest. I have a Ness game tomorrow and on Friday, so I’m basically split between work, lambs and football until Saturday morning.


Tonight’s lamb had a bit of blood round the back-end. I haven’t looked too closely but sometimes their mothers chew the end of the tail when they lick them clean.


I fed the twins when I got home tonight. They’re out at my parents’ house, my parents weren’t in, so I took them into the kitchen to feed them. Much more civilised. Here is a wee audioboo of the lambs sounding like Irish dancers on the kitchen floor.


And finally Lazarus (or Lazarusina, given he’s a she). From the brink of death to bright and healthy in 24 hours. What a difference some warmth and some food makes. Quite the adventure. I’m going to try and take her mother out with her tomorrow, hopefully she’ll still accept her. She’s still not strong enough to go back out tonight, so she’ll be inside once again.


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