Lambing holidays over

It’s 7.42am on Tuesday. I’m back to work today after over 2 weeks and I’m putting it all off by writing a blogpost instead!

I’m just going to summarise my Sunday & Monday, with the aid of pictures, before I go to work. I’ve always taken pictures of the things I do, long before the blog, and it’s a good way of remembering all you’ve done.

My Sunday started off with the big cat acting weird. I soon found out why. He had taken me home a present. This wee fellow was soon released back outside. We have a big problem with rabbits here but I couldn’t dispatch this guy at all!


Lambs were still coming thick and fast. This cross-cheviot was born on Sunday afternoon.


I had a wee bit of a panic on Sunday too, one of the day old lambs went missing. It took me half an hour to find her – snuggled up in a corner.


We had a wild night on Sunday. The wind was sustained at 77mph and gusting to 86. Not ideal lambing weather but this ewe had the right idea. Use the hay ring as a shelter for her newborn.


On Monday morning, I had to take Bud to the vet for his vaccine booster. This is how he felt:


He’s not a fan of the car, especially not long journeys to Stornoway. I feel his pain.

There were several off-jobs to be done. First up was cleaning the hen houses. Look who I found sound asleep in one of them.


Last summer, we got a boat. We haven’t taken her out yet and she spent the winter beside the barn. We took her in yesterday, as my dad is off this week and will get her ready.

It means I can get my green bin back, it’s been home to the engine for the past 7 months!


While I was out at my parents, I transferred the chicks from their kitchen, out to a corner of the barn. They’ll be here for a few weeks now.


I have a few ducks, 2 of them are Khaki-Campbells. I haven’t got close to the KCs since I got them over a year ago, but I managed to catch the drake yesterday. He had got himself stuck in a net. What a fine beast he is!

Shame the photo is out of focus…..


And with that, it’s probably time I got up and went to work.


  1. Enjoyed this lot of photos. I can remember as kids we’d go out the back of Claid with (the late) twins Prince (your mum would have known them) trying to catch rabbits, & others. Don’t know how we imagined we could keep such wild animals as pets. The ‘olds’ wanted none of it, wild beasts eating the meagre food of the domestic animals (in those days before common grazings etc). Bud does not look happy, does he. You’re having such a great time looking after your menagerie. You could start a children’s zoo & charge the schools to come and visit your animals. Who can find the wise lamb in its nest of straw? Who can find the piseag?

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