Five Alive

As I left things yesterday, 5 chicks had hatched and were doing well, with a 6th on the way.

Well, the 6th hatched late on Saturday.


It was left in the incubator overnight and then moved in with the other 5 first thing this morning. Unfortunately, one of the chicks didn’t last too long and died mid-morning. They’re out in my parent’s kitchen, where my mother is keeping an eye on them, and one faded quite quickly. She thought it was the last one that hatched but I’m not sure.

You can see it was very flat on the left here.


A seventh had started hatching last night too, but the chick was dead in the egg this morning. It was 3 days after the first one hatched, not sure if they normally take that long but that’s that anyway.

I opened up the egg a little bit this morning, just to be doubly sure it was dead.


The 5 surviving chicks are in the kitchen, under a heat lamp, until tomorrow morning, and then they’ll be transferred to the barn for the next 6 weeks.

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