A hectic day

Man, I am exhausted.

What a morning so far. I was away at a friend’s wedding in Inverness and got the 7.30am flight home. I am ‘tired’ today…

Greeting me at home was the first of the chicks that I put in the incubator three weeks ago. When I got home, a second had just hatched. Things look good and a couple more are showing potential of hatching.


I expected more to hatch, as I candled them a week ago and 12-15 showed signs of development.

In the meantime, I have taken the 2 hatched chicks out, as they have been scrambling all over the other eggs. They are out in my mothers kitchen for the time being, as I am busy with lambs.


First thing I did, when I got home, was check the sheep. A few have lambed while I was away but there was a set of newborn twins waiting for me too.


There was something not quite right, though. Their mother had broken out with the spùt in my absence, and was a little under the weather because of it. She had cleaned the lambs, but not very well, and they were in need of a feed.


The sheep has been given a fluke & worn drench and the lambs have been given a feed, so hopefully that is that!



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