Another varied day. It was much colder but there was plenty work to keep me warm!

I had a group of nearly 20 kids visiting me today, from Feisean nan Gaidheal’s 5 Latha residential week. 5 Latha means 5 Days. They do different activities over the week, all through the medium of Gaelic.

We fed the sheep, lambs and chickens, cleaned the hen houses and shed and in the end, I had them lifting stones out of the area I ploughed as a veg plot. Loads of work done


It was good fun, the hens liked it anyway!


Once they’d gone, I did my usual rounds. I noticed my Frizzle cockerel seems to have lost a lot of the weathers on his wings. Anyone seen this before? He’s healthy apart from this – looks like something out of a horror film!


End of another long hard day and I noticed how many different ‘goodies’ I have on the kitchen worktop. How many can you name?


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  1. Did these wee visitors nick some of Frizzle’s wing feathers, do you think? Very handy having Uisdean close by to train up to be a good crofter! Hope you have lots of nice (animal) surprises when you get back from Inverness. Aren’t these westerly sunrises and sunsets just something! Isn’t there something about that in one of Dolly Angie’s songs? Have to go through my CDs to find it, now that it’s popped into my head. lol.

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