I was so thankful that Lewis Sundays are as quiet as they are. After checking the sheep at 6am, I managed to sleep until 11. Absolute bliss! Caught up on a lot of the sleep I’ve missed in the past few days.

2 lambs need feeding so Uisdean and his older brother, Micheil, both came down to help. The novelty has worn off for me, but they were keen to help!


Micheil hasn’t had much experience of working with sheep, so I let him feed them. He did well, he just has to learn to dress appropriately!


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  1. Donald,
    Photos are just wonderful. The kids here in America, dress just like that in the winter to.
    I know it is a fad. How long it will take for them to realize that when the cold winds hit there legs they have to cover them up.

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