I haven’t had the chance to post for a day or two, so I’m catching up now!

Saturday started off hectic, with the lamb born in the morning needing milk, as his mother didn’t have any.

After things settled down, I took them into the shed for the weekend, to get out of the cold.


As well as the one born today, I am also supplementing the feed of another lamb whose mother isn’t producing enough milk. He’s coming on well, though, and is getting a bit playful!


My bad luck struck again, though. I went out to the village park to check the empty sheep (scanned with no lambs) that have been out there for the last 2 months. I was gutted to find a Gimmer drowned in a ditch. A horrible way to go. Uisdean came to help me bury her, I was glad of the help.


And just to prove it, I did some work too!


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