A mixed day

Well today was a strange day. Started out with so much promise, but the loss of a sheep means it’s a downer.

I was up at 5am today. I’m doing a wee freelance pack for Gaelic news on the day in the life of a Crofter during lambing, so I was filming my first piece before the sun rose. (Yes, I’m serious, no smiles at 5am!!)


The day brightened up mid-morning with the arrival of my first cross-Cheviot.


But after that, they took a turn for the worse. I was keeping an eye on a flat sheep for the last few days. I phoned the vet yesterday and they suggested it was “twin lamb disease”. I’ve heard of it but never come across it myself. I was also told to prepare myself that she might not make it. Well, today, she didn’t make it. I was gutted, especially as she was looking reasonably bright.


Today was much warmer, weather wise. I was in shorts and t-shirt for a good part of the morning, even though the car said it was only around 8 degrees! It felt warmer than that out of the wind. The chickens certainly thought so, here they are out of the wind, sun-bathing


One more thing was lamb number 2, born last Saturday, hasn’t developed as well as I’d liked. I’ve been keeping an eye on him, as his mother doesn’t have a lot of milk, and decided to give him a wee boost today.

It took some persuading but he finally took the bottle. As soon as he’d finished, off he toddled back to his mother. I might give him some more tomorrow.


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  1. I’m a night-owl so I wouldn’t be smiling at 5 am either. Busy life on the maternity ward, now. What an interesting life you lead. Your wee ‘crossie’ looks with it. Sorry to hear about the sheep loss though. Those chooks like the red tractor, eh. Unbelievable weather you’ve been having in Lewis. When I was last over, at the Mod, I often wondered if I’d be blown off the island.

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