I am very much enjoying my time off. I’m only in the house to eat and sleep, just the way life should be!

I was ploughing today, just a wee section to use as a vegetable plot.


After ploughing, I threw some chicken feed on there, to allow the chickens to fertilise it in their own special way!


Sheep-wise, lambs are slow. Although I did take this picture of my favourite sheep. She lost her ears, eye lids and horns as a lamb, after suffering from ‘the yellows’. Think it’s called Yellowsis, they eat some plant and become sensitive to light and the extremities fall off.

I have another sheep that is a bit flat.


She is scanned for twins and I’m a wee but worried. Gave her 40ml of calcium to see if that would help.


I noticed her eye had a wee bit of discharge too, so she’s now on a course of penicillin.


That’s it for the day, more of the same tomorrow.



  1. Yes its bog asphodel,and l think l have just picked one up at a very early stage,either that or a neuro infection.In the barn ,stuffed with penicillin,but started to munch hay so fingers crossed.On the other side of the island to yourself,and no very much grass,but some toxic plants??

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