Busy day

Been a very busy day here. I forget that I’m on holiday and I have to pace myself. Every year, I end up working my backside off in the first day or two and burning myself out. Well, today I forgot.

Cleaned out the barn with my father before 10am (and before breakfast), now I have to get a lambing pen or two set up there, along with the one (2 at a squeeze) in my own shed.

I bought a new hen house today and got cracking with painting it.





Pretty good job, I reckon. Looks good and there are now a few hens inside for the night.

I moved the sheep into the lambing fields, ready for the off in the next day or two, and sorted out all the hoses and sinks, to make sure the sheep have enough water. It’s been bone dry here for the last 10 days and we’re apparently not due any rain until the 10th of April. Unheard of!! I hope the grass will start growing then!

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