Sunday Rounds

I had a busy, busy day yesterday. I’m absolutely knackered today and I’ve managed to get all my chores out of the way early on today, so I can chill for the rest of the day.

After picking up the new chickens yesterday, I drenched the lambs/hoggs as a couple of them were showing signs of Liver Fluke.


After that, I moved the sheep that I took home on Friday night, to a field where they’ll be for the next week or so.

After that, I spent the afternoon power washing the pavements around my house. Not very exciting, but I suppose it was actually a good way to relax!

I went out for a while, and when I returned, one of the new pullets had gone AWOL. I spent an hour looking for her, before I got Bud in to help. He sniffed her out in 5 minutes. She was tucked in under some thorns.

Can you see her?


Normally, I wouldn’t have been too concerned, but snow was forecast and the wind had really picked, so I wanted her to get back into the run & hen house I have the new ones in. This resulted in my hands being scratched a lot!


Anyway, I wanted to get everything out of the way early this morning, so that I could do nothing the rest of the day. My brother Martin came in with me, so helped me feed the sheep and collect eggs.


Ok, he didn’t help me too much with the sheep, but he did collect eggs!


This was his smiling pose – it’s not meant to be a sneer! 🙂


  1. These Bluebells are just gorgeous. I’d never seen the breed before, although that wouldn’t be unusual as I live in a city. But I’m quite sure my Granny didn’t have any in Upper Shader! Wasn’t she just a clever wee thing to go looking for a cosy place to make a nead. She obviously thought thorns were better camouflage than a cosy hen-house.

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