Sheep home off the moor


A lot of my sheep have been out for nearly 3 months now, since they were taken off the rams and they finally came home today.

They came back in briefly for scanning but the singles went straight back out again. They’ve been fed sporadically over the past month or so but it’s now time to take them home to keep a closer eye on them, as we approach lambing.

I got home around 4.30 and nipped out to call them, hoping they’d gather near the gate for when I came back to get them (I had to go to a quick meeting at 5). Most of them came straight away and I put them in the fank, until I returned.


Went back out after tea and walked them home.


They’re in a field for the night, before I move them somewhere else tomorrow. The first ones are due to start lambing two weeks today! CANNOT WAIT!



  1. Lambing time again. That year passed quickly. Was that a photo of you and Bud I saw in the Suil Mun Cuairt page of the SY Gazette I received from my cousin yesterday?
    Look forward to hearing aboiut the lambing & seeing the new babies.

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