New arrivals

Given how poor this year has been, I’m almost already turning my thoughts to next year. With that, I’m looking to improve my stock and get rid of a lot of the older animals, that I’ve kept for too long. Sentimentality has been partly to blame for my poor winter, keeping sheep that should have gone last autumn and this being a year too many for them. Ideally, I’d like a flock of 25 good Blackfaces and 25 good Cheviots. I’m ok with the Blackies as I now have about 20 quality animals for the ram next year but the Cheviots are going to take a lot of work. I have some hoggs coming through but I’m pretty much going to have to start again with them. I might go on a spending spree in the autumn, who knows.

Anyway, I bought 2 sheep on Saturday in preparation for the next lambing cycle in October. They’re young animals and will be ready to go again, hopefully, in 6 months time.




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