A busy Sunday morning

It’s just after 11 and the first chance I’ve had to sit down and have my breakfast!

I was up early, for a Sunday, out the door at 8.30 to get the animals fed.

Beautiful day here so took my time. Such a difference having good weather, really lifts the spirits after the long dark winter.

Chickens were first.


I had to cull a hen last night, she had been poorly for a few days and was not going to get any better. I’d tried feeding her and making sure she got water but it didn’t help. It was the first chicken I’ve culled and was easier than I expected.

Anyway, back to the animals.

I then fed the twins and the five blackface gimmers I have at home



Then I went out into the moor to feed the singles that I’ve left out there. I’m feeding these every day or so now – but there are still 4 missing! I think they’re with someone else’s sheep further out and he will take them home next Saturday – hopefully.


Then was the real drama of the morning. Next door’s cat got stuck up a telegraph pole. We don’t know how long it had been there for but I called the Hydro and they were going to send a crew out to get it.


It didn’t reach that stage though, half an hour later the cat somehow got itself down. Hydro informed and the cat is back home, safe and sound.

Reminded me that my own cat did that as a 5 month old kitten. I was away in Liverpool on a stag-do and my mother was left to deal with it! The Hydro had to take him down that day.


Being such a nice day, I think it’s time I took Bud for a walk!

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  1. Love your buzzard pics. Really clever action shots; you must have heaps of patience. Also love the one of your wee piseag hanging off the door. Some cats have a real personality. Others are a dead loss as far as being friendly unless they really want something. One of mine, Lexie, only comes near me when she wants a lap to sit on. The other one, Archie, only comes in to sleep on the bed all night. Lewis weather is amazing just now.

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