Training Bud

I’m trying to post updates of how my training with Bud is going. This is my first attempt at training a sheepdog so it’s a learning process for me too. Here is my first day’s training with him and here is a wee session I had 10 days ago. As you can see from today’s video, I have moved on to trying some voice commands. I am using my body position to move him by associating the “away” (anti-clockwise) and “come-bye” (clockwise) commands with my movement so that I can soon stand still and command him by voice alone. He listens to 95% of my commands while on sheep but he is not as easy to control when there are no sheep for him to focus on!

I’m very happy with his training (and mine) and you will also notice that he is a bilingual dog! Nach e tha math!


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