Well. Where do I begin? I said last night that it was like Christmas Eve and the night before a big exam. Santa never turned up and I failed the exam!

The long and the short of it is that I am only due 9 sets of twins while 1 in 5 is empty. Of the empty ones, I had already written-off 8 of them – the poorer sheep that I have been feeding up at home and are in poor condition after suffering from eye problems.

Anyway, apart from that, it was an excellent day. Beautiful clear skies – it looked like a spring day but felt like a winter one!

I started by taking in the sheep that I gathered on Saturday.


I did a couple of runs with the pickup & trailer and soon had all the sheep in the fank.


The closest 3 pens are mine.

The scanner came around 1pm (I lost track of time!). The setup is within a trailer and the guy has the ultrasound in the blue box that he’s preparing.


The sheep go through one at a time and he puts the ultrasound underneath them.


The 2nd guy will mark the sheep so that you know how many lambs she has. Singles don’t get a mark, twins is a spot between the shoulders and empty is a stripe above the bum.

This wee video shows how it’s done and you can see singles, twins and empties going through. I didn’t want the first sheep through to have any lambs as she is in poor condition but Sod’s law is that she has twins! She’ll need a lot of feeding.

That’s it then. I put most of the empties out into the village park. They won’t get any additional feed and will be there until shearing in July. The twins all came home for feeding while about 25 of the singles are out on the moor for another 10 days. I didn’t have the time or motivation to deal with them today and I’m away to Aberdeen this weekend so they’ll have to wait!

I still have 5 out on the moor that I didn’t manage to find last week (they have been spotted by other crofters) but fingers crossed that they are all twins!! That would be brilliant!

I might post later about how I feel this has been my worst winter as a crofter but I’m off to play 5-a-side football now!

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  1. i hav never been a crofter though i spent early years on a farm but my years spent on Lewis has left me with a feeling that somewhere good days and bad a crofter is intrinsically optimistic. I am sure this has been a bad winter it will pass good luck

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