Recovering chicken

The vet phoned me earlier and said that the injured pullet seemed to be recovering already. The wound has been further cleaned out and the vet decided that, as it is already beginning to heal, it doesn’t require stitches.

I applied some anti-septic poultry spray yesterday but was recommended not to use too much as it can be toxic. Use now and again was suggested though.

I picked the bird up around 4pm and it seemed very lively. It got stuck into the food I had in the pickup anyway.


I have a series of injections to give it over the next 4 days and also have to keep a close eye on it. I may take it out into the barn so that it stays warm and dry. I might even take the other chicks out too to stay clear of the buzzard!


These are the injections that are needed – I looked a bit dodgy sitting in the car with 4 syringes!!

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