Sunday morning drama

Things were a bit frantic this morning. I went out around 9.30 to let Bud do the toilet and also to feed the sheep and hens.

I have a dozen or so sheep at home for extra feeding, as they seem to have lost a lot of condition after suffering from eye problems late last year. Maybe the lost condition and then caught the infection, or maybe the infection caused the loss of condition. I don’t know but it’s surely more than a coincidence that all these sheep suffered from it.

Anyway, I gave them a bale of hay yesterday, in addition to the feed they get. I don’t have a hay rack for them so I tied it to the fence. Ingenious, I think


This keeps the sheep from standing on it and minimises the amount of moisture is draws up from the ground.

When I went out this morning, one of the sheep was on her back and very weak. She was probably bumped by another sheep while feeding and fell over. Looked like she’d been on her back most of the night and was very lucky that gulls/crows didn’t take her eyes. I took her out into the barn, gave her a multi-vitamin jag and some feed. She’s up on her feet now and should be ok.


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