Gathering on the moor

I am supposed to be scanning 50 sheep on Tuesday but it might only be 45! I went out on the moor to gather them earlier today, so that they’ll be handy for Tuesday, but I’m missing a few.

It’s quite misty today, this picture of these 3 is taken from the same point as the picture following it – quite the contrast.



I didn’t really have to gather them, as they sheep came as soon as I called them. They’ve been out for a month but I’ve fed and checked them each Saturday since then. They all came and I drove out to the apportionment where I left them until Tuesday.

This is them following me out to the reseeding.


I went further out on the moor then, to try and find the other 5. I spotted one of them and called her, but she was with someone else’s sheep and cleared off with them. They are about a mile or two further out on the moor and without a trained dog, I had no chance of getting them.

You can see them here, over on the left hand side.


I think all 5 will be there but I’ll have to leave them be just now. I’ll speak to the owner of the other sheep and pick up mine when he gathers them but I’m going out again just now to give it another go.

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