Bad weather

We have had gales for the last 24 hours and we are due to have them for at least another 24.

Last I checked, a gust of 84 mph was recorded in Eoropie but my father says a gust of 101mph was recorded on Scalpay Bridge. It was windy! For some awesome pictures and videos, visit the Eoropie Tearoom Facebook page – the waves are the same height as the Butt of Lewis Lighthouse, which is 37 metres tall and a further 15 above sea level. 52 metre tall breakers!

We had a wee bit of damage at my parents house, some fencing blown away. We fixed it tonight to keep the lambs in and the rest of the fence safe!


Lastly was a quick check of the sheep and while I did that, Bud started attacking the hailstones! This was his first experience of them and, as you can see here, I don’t think he enjoyed it!

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