A quiet Saturday

Just like last week, I haven’t had too much to do this week, apart from the daily feeding routines.

I started off by having a training session with Bud on the lambs. I try and give him a run out on them most mornings, when I’m walking him out to my parent’s house and I’m quite happy with how he’s progressing – especially considering it’s my first attempt at training a dog.

I had a wee bit of fun by burning an old bale of hay that had been in the shed since last year and after that went out to the moor to feed the sheep. There were 5 missing but they’re more than likely ok. If it was only one missing, I’d be worried. 5 means they’re probably together somewhere.

I’ll be gathering them and putting them in the reseeding next Saturday, as they are due to be scanned the following Tuesday, so I want them close to hand.


I am planning to put seaweed on the vegetable plot again this year so I nipped down to Traigh Dhail, on the off chance that some had been washed up following this week’s storm. As you can see, none about.


While feeding the chicks in the morning, I decided to let them out of their run, for the first time. They’re getting quite big now (6 months old) so I’m comfortable letting them out as it’s unlikely seagulls/crows are going to attack them. I think they enjoyed their day out.


My last chore of the day was just that – a chore. Cleaning the henhouses. I try and do it every Saturday and can now do all 4 in about half an hour. I think the materials used are a good example of some easy recycling. I collect old newspapers from the local shop (which would be binned otherwise) and my dad collects bags of shredded paper from the council offices. Plenty bedding material and all free!


Time to batten down the hatches once again tonight. We are due gales and snow for the next 2 days. I think the sheep may be getting some of the hay sitting in the barn, waiting for weather like this.


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