a windy week

I’ve had a very quiet week on the croft. There hasn’t been much opportunity to do anything outside, apart from feed the animals, as a storm hit on Tuesday that saw a gust of wind recorded at 112.9mph recorded in Eoropie, about 3 miles from my house. The storm wasn’t too bad, really, although there was some damage throughout the islands. The worst storm I can remember is 12th January 2005, a night when a family in Uist lost their lives.

Depsite the strong winds, I had no more damage than my blue recycling bin being blown to the other side of the house and a door coming off one of the hen houses.

While all this was happening, I was having new flooring put down in the sitting room. How is this relevant to work on the croft? Well, I have the nasty habit of trudging through the house in my wellies – and I am fed up of cleaning the carpet! Evenings this week consisted of DIY so I’m all set to spend most of Saturday outside!

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