Moor sheep

I had quite a cushie day today, a nice change for Saturdays. Apart from feeding the animals at home and cleaning the hen houses, the only thing I had to do was feed the sheep on the moor. I don’t really need to feed them just now, but I do so every Saturday so that a) they don’t go too far out the moor and b) I can check and make sure they’re all ok.

Last week when I went out, I only found 2/3 of them. This week, half of them were waiting at the boundary fence, so I fed them where they were.


As you can see, it was a cracking day here. I also left out a couple of mineral licks for the sheep.


There are some other sheep on the moor but by leaving the licks near the boundary fence, I think only mine will come near the licks.

I carried on out the road and soon found the other half of the sheep. I tooted the horn and they all came running.


These sheep will be out on the moor until we scan them on 12th February. I’ll decide then where they’ll go, but I might leave them out until the end of Feb before taking them home to the croft.


(The one over to the right isn’t my sheep)

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