Morning Routine 2

In early December, I posted about my Morning Routine then, but things change quite quickly so my morning routine now is a little different. I took some picture this morning as I was doing the rounds and feeding all the animals, just to give you an idea of what has to be done.

First of all, I need my trusty head torch, as it is still dark before 8am. It was still dark today around 8.30 but getting lighter, I can’t wait for the days to get longer again. Another month should make a big difference. All the pictures taken today were by the light of the head torch only, no flash.

The chicks are the first to get fed in the mornings. I go over to their run and feed them their growers crumbs.

image (9)

While I’m over there, I check the hen houses for eggs.

image (8)

And it was a decent haul today. The hens have started laying again after a hiatus of nearly 2 months.

image (1)

Next are the hens. 22 of them (and 2 ducks) waiting impatiently for their breakfast. Some of them tend to follow me around until they get fed!

image (2)

Rams are up after this. They are a friendly bunch so I took a couple of pics of them. They love their food!

image (4)

image (5)

I then walk out to my parent’s house with Bud and feed the sheep and lambs that are out there – while also dropping Bud off at daycare (my mother)

image (2)
image (3)

I tend to feed the ewes first, which means that the lambs are standing about 5 metres away, desperate for some food!


They get their way and I head back in to my own house for my own breakfast.


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