Another Saturday at the sheep

So yesterday was a typical Saturday. Last week, I’d fluke-drenched most of my sheep but there were 20-odd I’d left at home that needed doing. It was an early start yesterday and I’d done most of the work by 10am.

It was a cracking morning though!


I was on my own so didn’t take any pictures of the drenching. It’s not that different from the previous week (or the previous 100 times I’ve done it!).

I did take a pic of these sheep. The blackface lost her eye last year, birds took it when she was stuck on her side.


The sheep that I moved on Wednesday night had to be brought down for penning. Something that 5 gimmers I bought in October had no intention of doing.


I managed to get them back into a field and they’ll be drenched when I have someone to help me with them!

Next up I moved the rams


And gave them a wee treat of some hay.


The sheep got some hay too. They really enjoyed it!


As I was moving some sheep, I decided to take a picture of the remnants of an old blacksmith’s on my croft. It was probably a millstone at one point, but the blacksmith used it latterly to make wheels. It’s about a metre in diameter.


After sorting out all the sheep at home, I put some of them out into the moor with the ones I put out last week.

The sheep are now in Gleann Dail, along with the others, where they’ll be until early February.


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