Last day of my holidays :(

I go back to work tomorrow. Like the majority of people, I don’t really want to, although I do feel refreshed after my time off.

I’m taking it easy today and going to do some housework and other boring things that need doing but I did the rounds with the sheep earlier.

The rams get fed every day, here they are enjoying their ram rolls.


Two-thirds of my lambing ewes are out in the reseeding just now, where they’ll be for the next month or so.

We are going to gather all the lambs/hoggs in the village park on Saturday and give them fluke drench – some will be taken home but mine are going to stay out until February. While we’re doing that, in going to drench the ewes as well and after that, I’ll leave the gate to the reseeding open, so that they can roam the moor.

With that in mind, I took feeding troughs out to them, as the prospect of feed will keep the sheep nearby and easier to keep an eye on.


They knew what was happening and came running as soon as they saw the troughs.


I’ll feed them before work tomorrow and Friday before we see them again on Saturday.


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