Poorly lamb

I had to take one of the wee lambs into the barn today; it was sheltering all day and not as lively as it should be. I put up a shelter for them yesterday, in preparation for the gale tonight and the lamb lay beside that for most of the day. I took it into the barn so that it would be warm and dry.


It’s a wee runt of a lamb, only kept because it wouldn’t have made much (if anything) in the sales, but it should be ok, if it picks up in the next day or two.



It’s lively enough, eating hay and some feed, so hopefully it will be fine. It’s the silly lamb that got itself stuck in the trough before – funny how it’s always the wee ones that we get attached to!

I didn’t have any straw in so opened a bale of hay to give it some bedding. Since I had an open bale, I gave the rams and the other lambs a wee bit – they seemed to appreciate it!



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