Christmas holidays? What holidays?

Just because I’m on holiday from the day-job, doesn’t mean I am taking it easy. There is still plenty work to be done; lambs and sheep to be fed, hen houses to clean, hens and chickens to feed, as well as other bits and bobs.

I took the rams off the sheep last week but kept 20 or so sheep at home. These sheep were spread over 4 fields, so I spent Christmas Eve putting them all together.


The sheep are bucket-trained so it’s pretty easy to move them.

The only problem was an old gate in the field that the sheep were in was needing replacing – as my brother Innes found out last week. It was an old wooden gate that had fallen apart so that was soon remedied with wire cutters and some hurdles.


All sorted in no time, and hopefully stock-proof!

I got 4 more Crystalix for the sheep too. At £22 a tub, it’s quite expensive but the sheep love it!


I put 40 sheep out to the reseeding last week and popped out to check them.


All good an they’ll stay out there, or on the moor, until scanning in early February.


  1. I have an idea of animals, studied biology, worked in a zoo in summer holidays……but I don’t have any practical knowledge about sheep farming. So, I am interested and like very much your day to day (almost) farm diary. Thank you.
    There is something I don’t understand (English not my mother tongue) what does RESEEDING mean?

    • Hi Loriana!

      Thanks for the comment, much appreciated. The reseeding is quite a straight forward informal name for an apportionment. In out case, my mother’s croft has been extended by giving it a portion of the common grazing (you can see the location on google maps on the Grazing post from last night). It was originally poor quality rough grazing but it was “re-seeded” with grass etc to improve the quality of the land, hence why the name reseeding stuck.

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