The return of the pigs

The pigs are back in Ness now and all settled in the freezers. They went away last Tuesday , hung in the slaughterhouse for a week and butchered yesterday. They were due to be butchered on Tuesday/Wednesday this week, but I got a call from the butcher saying he had to do them early. In quite a different kind of lunch break from work, I went to pick them up.


Four pigs in trays. I managed to squeeze them into the pickup – I really do need to get a canopy for it, so much more practical.


I was working late last night so didn’t get home till near 10pm. I went straight out to deliver the other pigs before I took our own out to my parents house. I took what I wanted, while my father sorted out the rest


I think I might have some monster chops for my tea tonight!


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