My new bird

On my way to work today, I noticed something strange by the road in Galson. I reckoned that it looked like an injured Buzzard, so I turned around and went back to check. Sure enough it was but unfortunately, it was a goner. A quick check of it showed no damage so I threw it in the back of the pick-up and hatched a plan!


I’ve always fancied a stuffed bird so this was my chance. I wasn’t sure of the legalities involved so I texted a couple of folk and they suggested I phone SNH. I did that and they clarified that I was ok to do so, but would need a licence afterwards so that I can prove in the future that I hadn’t gone out and shot it. By a stroke of luck, they also pointed out that the only taxidermist in Lewis happened to be in their office just then. He came on the phone and, 15 minutes later, I was up at their offices dropping off the Buzzard.

Iain Watson lives in Point and examined the bird – as well as talk through the process with myself and some others in the office.


The Buzzard was an adult and was in excellent condition. Looked like it had been killed instantly by the car. It had a broken wing and there was a little bleeding but not too bad, considering.




There was a dead rabbit a few metres away, so my powers of deduction tell me that it had been feeding on it when it was hit. This (out of focus) picture shows rabbit fur in its talons.


The work is going to cost around £130 and will be ready in a few months time – both fine by me. I have done a wee bit of research and think I have found the pose I want – something like this


For now, the buzzard is probably in the freezer – this preserves it and also kills any parasites.


  1. What a beautiful bird … tha cho math dhut an seòrsa seo fhaighinn – chan eil càil a choltas gu bheil bird de sheòrsa sam bith eile a’ tighinn air an scene co-dhiù (and I bet I’m the first to say that to you today…. Not!)

    If the taxidermist is able to give the buzzard that pose for you, it would be absolutely amazing. Stunning.

    • Tha mi air gu leor dhan a sin a chluinntinn an diugh! Tha seo torr nas saora co-dhiu….

      Perfect bird. Obviously it was very unlucky but I got lucky in that there is no external damage. The broken wing should be easily fixed.

      The taxidermist said he could have it in any position – even playing the melodeon! I just have to consider where I will have it and the more of the bird visible, the more I have to clean.

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