Feeding the sheep

We’ve had a wee bit of a colder spell just now, although we haven’t had any snow, so I decided to give the sheep a little feed today and yesterday. They all have access to decent grazing and crystalix mineral licks but I thought they were due a little extra!

After feeding the sheep yesterday, I prepared the feed for today and left it in the back of the pickup overnight.


They were all keen for it anyway!


I went to feed one of the flocks, who are near the chick run, and one of them had got herself stuck in the netting over ten chicks!



I got her out quite easily but by that time, the rest had come to see what was happening!


They soon came round and fed, with the one that was stuck unaffected by it.


Those are all my chores done (having fed the pigs and chicks too) so that’s me now with the rest of the day off – a rare treat!

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