Fencing work

Since I got my croft a few years ago, I haven’t done much fencing work. Most of the crofts in my corner of the village were all fenced in the early 80s, and not much has been done since then so it’s high time I got my finger out.

Some of the fences are in poor nick, some have holes in them, some have broken fence posts and some have broken strainers.

Hole in the fence + broken strainer


Broken strainer supported by 2 fence posts.


I had a walk through the croft recently to look at what needs done, and the fencing is really a matter of urgency, so I’m looking at costing it.

I asked a local contractor, Calum Mitchell to come down and have a look at it, with a view to pricing the job for me. I could give it a go myself but i a) dont have the time and b) dont havv the skills! Here is Calum, ready with his measuring wheel.


I have identified 2 parts of my own croft that I need done sooner rather than later, so we measured them out today. As I am under 40, I qualify for 60% funding for work like this from the Crofting Commission, which makes it much more viable. Breaking the job up into smaller sections and spreading it over a few years makes it more affordable as well, and means that in only need one quote at a time, as anything over £2000 needs 2 quotes.

Anyway, Calum got to work measuring out the sections.



We didn’t take too long, had it all done in an hour or so. He’ll get back to me with a quote and I can then get round to putting my application for funding together. I filled one in earlier this year for help with drainage on the croft. That was my first attempt at it and got passed so I’m confident about this one too – especially as the state of the fencing means it definitely qualifies!

Once passed, I have a year to carry out the work. Still waiting for the guy to come and do the drainage but shouldn’t be long.

Oh an Calum was very busy and didn’t even have time for a cup of tea so he apologises to any friends in Ness that he didn’t visit!


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