A few thoughts

Most of this year has been spent working. I think it’s been one of the busiest years that I’ve had, between day jobs and freelance pieces. I cannot wait for the Christmas holidays, 9 days off work when I can relax and have some fun but these long winter’s nights make me think. I enjoy my day job but not half as much as I enjoy working on the croft.

I look forward to Saturdays so much; the chance to be out on the croft, doing my own thing and working with the animals. I don’t think there is anything as enjoyable, especially given the fast pace and non-stop lifestyle that has seemed to creep into my life.

The more I think about it, the more I feel that I would like to do it on a more regular basis. One day a week is no-where near long enough to do everything I want to do and the short winter days mean doing things during the week isn’t an option.

I know it’s nigh on impossible to make a living from crofting alone, but I reckon there is a better work/life balance that would work. I have some ideas for the future so watch this space.


  1. I recognise those sentiments: that’s part of the reason I’m getting training as a cabinet maker, in the hope that I can then find a way of working and starting some kind of snmallholding/microforestry alongside. I look forward to hearing your ideas and stories…

  2. I have not explored all your posts to see if my question is already answered but what breeds of sheep do you keep? In your banner above I believe I am seeing Scottish Blackface, a couple of Cheviots (?) and a roman-nosed whiteface that could be a Leicester of some sort? I know you raise them for meat, but as a handspinner, I am interested in the wool. Is there a good market for your wool where you are ?

    • I have Blackfaces and Cheviots, with a couple of crosses thrown in too. The ones with the white nose are BF/Swaledale crosses. A mish-mash of breeds, I’m not sure which avenue to go down! The Wool Marketing Board buy up most wool here. I get a contractor in to do it and costs about £1.50 an animal. We just about break even, but not quite. It hit rock bottom a few years ago, pennies for fleeces

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