Morning routine

Lovely morning here. Round about -2, the first properly frozen morning of the winter. Thought I’d just run through what I do most mornings.

First up for feeding are the hens.


Only two eggs today. The eggs have dried up at this time of the year. Hopefully they’ll be plentiful again by spring.

Then I feed the wee lambs that I have in front of the house. They had a keen audience for their breakfast today.


But those sheep didn’t have to wait long, I gave them some feed too. I don’t normally feed them but I’m giving this flock a wee bit so that I can get a close look at the eye problems.



You can see that the one in the middle is still suffering from it in her left eye. She’ll get another injection on Tuesday if I hasn’t cleared.

Next up are the chicks. Some of these are 12 weeks old today!


They had an audience too but these sheep didn’t get any extra feed!


I do my rounds with my helpers each morning. Bud is keen on the sheep now.


And the cats follow me everywhere!


They all got fed too, now it’s my turn!



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