Saturday – first half!

It’s currently 11.30am and I’m sitting down to have my breakfast – mainly because I forgot! Got a lot of work to do today but I thought I had to share what I’ve done so far!

The chicks have been outside for 2 weeks now, so I decided to extend their run a wee bit this morning. Didn’t take me too long and you can see from this picture, how bare the ground on the right had become.


I sold 4 of the chicks this morning, these are the first ones to go. I started off with 24 but 3 died in the first month or so. Since being outside, I found one of them dead inside the henhouse, taking me down to 20. When I went out yesterday morning, I could only find 19, so there was obviously another one gone and when I had a proper look this morning, this was all I found of it. The only thing I can think of is if it flew up and got stuck in the netting above them and then crows/gulls took it. The leg was found inside the run, with the rest of the chicks.


On a cheerier note, before I move onto the pigs, I’d better show sone pics of the other chicks!

What you lookin’ at?



This one has a bad hair day.

The pigs are off to slaughter in 2 weeks, so they are pretty big now, almost ready for the chop. I have to admit that it is a bit of a chore feeding them in the dark before work every day, but I’ll still be sad to see them go. The sausages will be appropriate compensation!

Due to the recent wet weather, their pen has become very wet, so I’ve been moving them down to my main pigpen during the days, before they are taken back up to their current pen, where their bed is.

I move them most mornings, when it’s quite dark and I’m usually in a rush but I decided today to film them as i find it quite entertaining! I stopped before they got into the pen because one of them had smelt food somewhere else and done a runner! I caught her before she got too far.

Anyway, I’m off to do some work, lambs to move, sheep to check and henhouses to repair. Enjoy the video!

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