Ram update

2 weeks ago, the rams were let loose to do their thing. I’ve been out of Ness for pretty much every hour of daylight since then, so Saturday was my first chance to check how things were progressing.

Can you tell which sheep has been “serviced”?


There are 4 rams out, with a variety of sheep with each. These are 5 Blackface gimmers I bought recently and I’ve put them to next door’s ram, as he wasn’t using the ram and I don’t have my own Blackface. He has short legs but has left good lambs before.


I went to move the rest of the sheep to fresh grazing, as they’d been in the same fields for 2 weeks, since we put the sheep there, awaiting the rams


Even my presence didn’t stop them rams!


The rams will be with the sheep for another month or so yet.


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