Piggies no more (thankfully)

I have introduced the pigs before and there are several posts about them throughout the blog but today,the Kune-Kunes finally went to slaughter. They were nice, lively pigs but an absolute nightmare as well, as they kept getting out of their pen!

They were booked in to the slaughterhouse and I took them over this morning. They jumped straight into the trailer after I threw some pig rolls in, blissfully unaware of what was before them.


Over to Stornoway they went, never to be seen again. There was a queue at the abattoir this morning, 6 trailers of cattle and sheep – 5 of them from Ness!


They’ll be back in a week or so, ready for the freezer. The Gloucester Old Spots are still here, but they’ll be booked in for slaughter in a month or so.

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