Land improvement

At the beginning of the month, I blogged about croft improvements and a CCAGS application for drainage. That was approved 10 days ago, so just need to get the man with the digger out to do the work now.

In addition to this, I had a visit from a friend who works for the Scottish Agricultural College, looking at what can be done to improve the quality of land on the croft. We walked the length of the croft, noting what can be done to increase and improve the land.

There is a lot of work to be done, considering there has not been much work done on the croft in the 15 years before I got it in 2005, and only grazing since then.

We discussed reseeding/improvements and looks like I’ll go ahead and progress improving 2 fields next year. This should involve spreading sand, harrowing and some grass seed. All very exciting.

p.s. Sally wasn’t keen on being photographed for the blog!

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