Who let the rams out?

So today was the day the rams have been waiting for. I posted last week about how some of the prep work was done for getting the sheep ready for the ram so that meant all I did today was apply some oil based mix to the rams and then let them loose.



The ‘paint’ is applied to the ram’s breastplate and leaves a mark on the rear of the sheep once he’s done his business. I use cooking oil, added to a red powder for the paint. Some people use a raddle, which is a harness which applies paint to the sheep, but this,works fine for me – and I’ll be keeping an eye on them. If some of the sheep are serviced early on, it’s a good indicator that the ram and sheep have nothing wrong with them. The sheep will all be receptive at some point ov the next 3 weeks, but they’ll all be with a ram for 6 weeks, to be safe.

This was me applying paint to the Big Fellow.


I’ll hopefully get some ‘action’ shots in the next few days and an update on the number of sheep that have been serviced so far! Lambs should start appearing round 24th March.

Any questions?


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