Rams – coming and going

my ram comings and goings are now finished for the year. I had 5 rams, sold 3 and bought 1.

Here are the 5 I had, plus a blackface ram that belongs to someone else in the village.


The one at the front, which didn’t develop as well as the others is staying (I might use him on 4/5 sheep), while the Big Fellow at the back is my main ram. The 3 on the right have all been sold, the lamb went to South Dell, while the other two are going to Borve and Arnol. They’ll be picked up in the next 10 days.

I had to tend to the Big Fellow today though, as I noticed he was limping the other day, so we checked his feet – you do not want a lame ram at tupping time!


He’s a big big ram, but as gentle as I’ve ever seen a ram – he’ll eat feed from my hand! I have him on his back here and I’m holding him while my father trims his hooves. They get a wee squirt of purple foot-rot spray as well.


I bought a new ram today too. I agreed to buy him a few weeks ago but paid for and picked him up today.


His father is a Suffolk, while his mother is a Suffolk/Texel cross. I’m delighted with him – a fine looking beast. Wonder if I’ll give him a name?

He has wee horns, which are difficult to explain as neither Texels or Suffolks have horns!

Here he is being let loose on my croft – ready for action in a few weeks!


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