Croft improvements

One of the least appealing aspects of crofting is the paperwork that comes along with it; IACS forms, movement forms, flock records etc etc. Not appealing but the IACS in particular is important as it brings in money! The IACS is for another time of year but this week’s paperwork is slightly different. I filled in a Crofting Counties Agricultural Grant Scheme (CCAGS) application form on Monday for some drainage on the crofts.


There is a section of my croft, out by the main road, that is always wet and full of rushes. It’s by far and away the poorest part of either croft. It’s only used for rough grazing and not suitable for much else.



The water has been lying on it for a while and gets very boggy during the winter. The problem is that the main drain on my mother’s croft hasn’t been cleared in years. You can see the drain here, a couple of feet in from the fence.


Because they are two separate crofts, two applications have gone in. My croft needs 125 metres of drainage, my mother’s 250m. Applications under £2000 only need one quote, which has been received from a local contractor, so the applications were ready to go. Funding is 50% for my mother and, because I’m under 40, I get 60% of mine! It’s only a few hundred pounds in total – but every little helps!

I handed the forms in yesterday


Turnaround is up to 6 weeks, but the girl that I spoke to said I should find out in 2 weeks or so. Work cannot begin until it gets approval. I also discussed the process for a barn – which can be funded through CCAGS as well – as that is, without doubt, something I really need on the croft.

I also spoke to a friend at the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC – who have changed name this week but their development arm, I believe, will be called SAC Consulting) and she is coming to see me on Tuesday afternoon, to discuss grassland improvement and soil analysis. I’m sure there will be a blog in that!


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